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Distant Relative

Rex Osborne Williams (Relxyn)

Age: 62

• Was the skipper of the boat ‘BAM BAM’ that Giuseppe worked on as a young fisherlemon
• Gave Giuseppe the inspiration to start the business


Relxyn was the young skipper of the boat ‘BAM BAM’ that Giuseppe worked on as a young Fisherlemon. They bonded over Italian motorbikes, forming a life-long friendship- and are often mistaken for brothers given their remarkable resemblance.
Coincidentally it was Relxyn who gave Giuseppe the idea of resurrecting his family Limoncello recipe, having first tried the moreish delight in Alaska of all places!
He is now a retired Cow Cocky who spends his days living out his teenage fantasies with endless camping, fishing, hunting and hiking adventures – often accompanied by his ever-present sidekick and 1 or 2 of their 8 minions.
Although to many he would appear to have it all – his one regret is not ‘making it’ as a foot stool salesman… the only job where you get paid to put your feet up all day.

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