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Our Roots

Our Story

It’s a timeless story…

Kiwi girl meets British boy in London.

House, Baby, Marriage, Settle in the burbs ahhhhhh….

…until early 2017, when it became obvious to us we had let ‘modern life’ get in the way – we would ALL be a LOT healthier and happier if we downsized EVERYTHING and lived more simply.

We sold up the big house on the hill (literally) and moved to the beach… focusing on making room for the most important things in life: our health, happiness and togetherness.

When life gives you lemons….

Our lovely neighbour Guiseppe taught us his family Limoncello recipe over Pizza and his very own Limoncello – to share with friends.

We had been toying with turning our hobby into a business that would enhance our work-life balance in the long term… and then…COVID-19.

It’s the crazy that makes the difference…

As a family of four, one thing we have in common is that we are all completely different – but in similar ways. We share a ‘’slightly twisted” sense of humour and we’re downright tickled by the slightly absurd….
…and so it was from this mix of craziness that Lemon Fellows was born.

Our Values

Doing more with less…

We believe in leaving the world a better place than you found it and being as self-sufficient as possible is central to how we live our lives.

It’s only natural that we’ve structured our business to reflect this ethos.

We live by four simple rules:


1: Keep it local

We don’t import anything. All ingredients, products and packaging are sourced from NZ owned and operated businesses.

Our Ethyl comes from Kaiapoi, our fruit comes from Gisborne (apart from the lemons—which we still source from Giuseppe’s tree next door), our glassware comes from Auckland and our packaging from just over the hill in Lower Hutt.

2: Keep it sustainable

We go to great lengths to ensure our business is as sustainable and close to zero waste as possible.

The fruit, the whole fruit, and nothing but the fruit.
Not everyone realises that when you make ‘cello liqueurs’ the old fashioned way all the flavour comes from the zest, which means the fruit itself is a by-product.
The Orange juice and Grapefruit juice is enjoyed fresh by our family and neighbours (because… well… why wouldn’t we?) and the lemon and lime juice is made into old fashioned ‘ade’ for our ‘Little Fellas’ range of old fashioned ‘ades’  to sell at local food fares.

Greener than our limes..
We’re serious about reducing waste as much as possible and we look for creative ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and up-cycle at every given opportunity. Seriously – we’re kinda fanatical about it…
• All paper waste is shredded and used as bedding for our chickens, and the soiled bedding is added to our compost
• The leftover pulp and pith is also added to our compost
• All cardboard we receive is either re-used to package our own products for shipping, or recycled by our kids into firebricks for cold winter nights by the beach
• All our packaging (including our gift boxes) are 100% recyclable

3: Keep it fresh

Unlike other Limoncello manufacturers we make our liqueurs using only fresh, in season fruit—hand zesting the fruit the old fashioned way because (although it’s WAY more work) we KNOW that using local produce when it’s at it’s best and handling it gently enables us to capture the colour and flavours that can only be made by the pure New Zealand sunshine.
This does mean some of our fellows may only be seasonally available… so make sure you don’t miss out by enquiring about pre-ordering here.

4: Have fun!

Having fun makes everything better…

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