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Limoncello originates from the Sorrento region of Southern Italy where the deliciously sweet liqueur is served ice cold in a small glass as a digestif after a meal. There are two ‘styles’ of Limoncello which we have translated across our range of flavours.

Our Gentlemanly ‘Cello Fellows’ are characterised by crisp & clear citrus flavours accompanied with a real KICK – but they can be easily tamed by pairing them with Soda Water for a refreshing & zesty spritzer.

We like to think of our ladies as the ‘Baileys of the orchard’. Our ‘Crema di Cello’ ladies are rich & sweet but light & citrusy. Enjoy them straight from the freezer, in cocktails, with black coffee – or (our favourite) poured over ice cream for a decadent dessert!

As we use seasonal produce stocks of some flavours may not always be available. So you don’t miss out on your favourite flavour contact us about pre-orders.

*Products should be stored in cool dark place. As we use only natural ingredients, colours may fade over time and sediment may occur. Nature doesn’t stay ‘bright yellow’ for long!

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