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Meet the Fellows

The Fellows Family Tree

Each of our fellows are as individual as the members of any family, with unique characteristics, backstories and personalities.
Hover over a fellow to find out more about them.

Join the Fellow Family

Create your own Fellow

What better way to mark a special occasion or add a customised twist to an event than by creating an exclusive customised liqueur?

    • Create a new character
    • Write a personalised character bio
    • Mix your own flavour combo

Contact us to discuss your needs!

Events & Merchandise

Looking for a ‘twisted option’ to the usual corporate gifts?

Planning an event and want to give guests a ‘twisted’ memento?

We can personalise a wide range of merchandise with YOUR fellow – including:

      • Shot glasses
      • Embroidered Caps
      • Embroidered T-Shirts
      • Postcards
      • Stickers

Contact us to discuss your needs!


Want to offer Lemon Fellows to your customers? We don’t blame you!

We offer wholesale rates to kiwi businesses…

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